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A pint-sized pancake topped anyway you choose.
Fruity, nutty or not fruit or nutty.


Toasty Cinnamon Triangles
Three big triangles of French toast with gobs of syrup
(if it’s all right with you-know-who).


The Hughy, Dughy & Lughy Omelette
Hughy like Swiss. Dughy likes cheddar. And Lughy likesMonterey jack. To keep everone happy we mixed
them all together...the cheese that is.


Fogg Horn Egglett
One egg and potatoes with bacon or sausage and a slice of toast or upgrade to a fresh made muffin for just $1.25.


Chicken Little
We sneak a grown-up sized Hen Pen Grill (a big chicken sandwich) and while nobody’s looking we cut it in half and smuggle it out of the kitchen.


Fun shaped lil’ PB&J sandwich with kettle chips
and fresh fruit.


Mac & Cheese
Creamy, cheesy and kid approved with a side of fresh fruit.

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